CNA and Society

Stories of success of the National Center of Acelerators: CNA and society.

CNA and Health.
The Cyclotron at CNA produces radiopharmaceuticals required for PET imaging technique (Positron Emission Tomography). These radiopharmaceuticals are produced and distributed in collaboration with the company IBA-Molecular. CNA also has a PETCT scanner, used to diagnose Cancer and other pathologies to patients of the Andalusian Health Service. Radiobiology experiments are carried out at CNA, to study the effect of proton beam irradiation on cellular cultures. The ultimate goal of this research is to optimize the treatment of cancer through proton therapy. Proton therapy treats tumors by proton beams, which deposit their energy much more localized than conventional radiotherapy, producing less secondary effects.

CNA and Environment.
CNA carries out research on radioactive residues in collaboration with the company ENRESA to improve the knowledge of residues from nuclear plants, both active and dismantled. The objective is to evaluate accurately the presence of some radioactive nuclei making use of the AMS technique, only available at CNA in Spain. CNA has participated in the IAEA-led international collaboration to evaluate the impact in the Japanese coasts of the Fukushima accident. Using the AMS techniques, Iodine-129 has been accurately measured in water.

CNA and Cultural Heritage.
CNA has the only two accelerators in Spain to apply AMS (Accelerator mass spectrometry) to perform Carbon-14 dating. It allows dating geologic, archaeologic, artistic and cultural heritage samples, using a tiny fraction (micrograms) of the sample. This has been applied to date old books, sculptures, bones, ice from the artic and other samples. Using accelerators, one can determine, non-destructively and accurately, the elementary composition of paintings, pottery, goldsmithing, and other objects of historic and artistic interest. The knowledge of the composition gives the archaeologists and historians additional information to determine the origin of the objects.

CNA and Company.
CNA maintains stable collaborations with different companies. IBA operates the CNA cyclotron to produce and commercialize radiopharmaceuticals. ALTER uses the 60Co irradiator to test aerospace components. ENRESA obtains radioactive element measurements and AVS and ATI collaborate with CNA for the development of scientific instrumentation. CNA is placed in Cartuja Scientific and Technologic Park, and participates in the initiatives of the park and its entrepreneur circle, to enhance the collaboration with companies. Recently, CNA received the Cartuja award for scientific development. It participates regularly in the TRANSFIERE forum, and collaborates with the association INEUSTAR of the industry of science. CNA, as a singular scientific and technical infrastructure, is open to the collaboration with companies, as a client of the industry of science, as a provider of quality certified services, and as a strategic partner for large national and international projects.