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Mechanical or Electromechanical Technician at ISOLDE

Vacancy Notice at ISOLDE-CERN
Mechanical or Electromechanical Technician
Programme: Technician Training Experience (TTE)
Application deadline: 13-DEC-2013
Qualifications: Technical certificate in mechanics, electro-mechanics and /or electricity

Work Description:
The ISOLDE facility provides radioactive ion beams to a wide physics community operating both fixed and mobile experiments at the end of different beam lines. The ISOLDE facility uses protons from CERN’s accelerator complex to produce exotic nuclei of most chemical elements. It produces low energy beams that can also be post-accelerated (using REX-ISOLDE accelerator) up to 3 MeV/u and soon up till 5.5 MeV/u. The facility is continually undergoing further developments in view of improving the quantity and quality of the beams delivered to the physics community.In close collaboration with senior physicists, the ideal candidate will be able to work in a multidisciplinary environment and required to actively participate in the mechanical upgrade of the various components of physics setups and REX-ISOLDE. This will include participation at the design stage of any modification, the fabrication of diverse mechanical pieces or the follow up of contracted manufacturing and the final assembly in situ. In collaboration with the CERN surveying group (BE-SU), the candidate will be responsible for the alignment of the ISOLDE beam lines and provide alignment support to experiments. He/She shall maintain a vacuum equipment pool and provide vacuum and cryogenic support to both the permanent and visiting user community. The candidate should have a mechanical/vacuum background and be proficient in mechanical assembly. He/She will be expected to take responsibilities to assure the maintenance and functioning of experimental setups and other devices of the physics experiments, REX-ISOLDE and its beam-lines. He/She should control the inventory and distribution of radioactive sources borrowed by the users. Knowledge of vacuum systems, basic detector assemblies and CAD tools to produce drawings for assemblies and manufacture would be an advantage. The completion of a radioprotection expert course will also be an advantage.

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